Digital Taxidermy


Digital Taxidermy




Tips for the Perfect Portrait

👍 Match Head Angle

Photo of the antlers must be taken at the same angle as the scene. Pay attention to where the noise is pointing & how much of the eyes are visible.

📷 Camera at Eye Level

Photo must be taken at the animals eye level and not looking up or down at the antlers. Make the head in your photo look just like the scene.

🖼️ High Quality Photo

Picture must be sharp and not a screenshot, blurry or pixelated, with all of details in the antlers nice and bright when zoomed in.


Any Good Picture of the Antlers

✅ Skull Photos

Euro mounts, skull plates, deadheads

✅ Mount Photos

Shoulder mounts, pedestals, full body

✅ Field Photos

"Grip & Grins" that are sharp & match the scene head angle

✅ Shed Photos

Single or matching sheds & antler displays

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Some Customizations Allowed

✅ Antler Size

We can always make your rack look bigger or smaller. This is your photo and we will be happy to make it however you like.

✅ Unique Markings

We can usually match double throat patches, scars, torn ears etc. We cannot do piebalds or extreme edits.

✅ Broken Tines

We can sometimes fix broken tines, but we cannot recreate the entire rack or main beams from scratch.


Some Customizations We Don’t Do

❌ Color Changes

Because these are painted using colors specific to high resolution printing, we cannot match your deer's color tone.

❌ Body Size

These are actual scenes we painted together, so we cannot simply grow or shrink the deer to match yours.

❌ Angle Adjustments

We extract the antlers from your actual photo, so there is no way we can turn them to make wrong angles work.

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