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Let’s Get Those Answered

There are multiple options at checkout, so it just depends on what you want.  We offer the digital copy only, or canvas prints and tumblers. You’ll choose those in the next step.

You can send photos of a euro mount, full mount, sheds, deadheads, pedestal mounts or a photo you took in the field.

After checkout you will be directed to the upload area.  It’s very easy to attach and send the pics to us there! You can always find the upload area link in the email you receive after checkout.

Typical turnaround time is under 5 days depending on the order volumes when you purchase.

Yes! You can get up to 3 whitetail in a single scene.

The high resolution digital copy is a 16:20 but you can have it printed as large as you like without it losing quality. If you choose our canvas print at checkout – it comes in 3 different sizes.  (13×17 / 17×25 / 25×37)

The scene is the preview as yours will look exactly like that except with your antlers and unique markings. It can take us hours to create each one, so we cannot do custom previews prior to purchase.

We do not offer custom backgrounds but one of our 500+ premade scenes would most likely be close to what your background would look like in a close up photograph anyway.

We stand behind every piece of art we make. If at any time after your purchase, for any reason, you’re not happy — we will refund your money on the digital recreation. 

We are based in Missouri but provide service to hunters all around the world. Everything is 100% made in America.