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Digital Taxidermy


Helpful Guides - February 21, 2023

How to Print Your Digital Taxidermy

We send the digital copy that you can easily print anywhere, at any size!


In this article we will go over the entire printing process. From where to print and which materials turn out best.


Guide Topics:

➦ How Do I Get the Digital Copy?
➦ How Do I Get it Printed?
➦ What Kinds of Prints Can I Do?
➦ What Size & Materials Are Best?

How Do I Get the Digital Copy?


After purchasing a scene, your finished digital copy will arrive in your email 3-7 days later. You’ll then be able to save the image to your phone or computer and do whatever you like with it.  It’s yours forever at that point!  You can then take it to get printed or post it on social media, set it as your phone wallpaper, put it in a calendar or whatever else you can imagine.


Why don’t you print and ship the canvas to me?” – We get this question a lot and it all comes down to time and cost. Same day canvas printing at Walgreens is easy and as low as $20.  If we were to print and ship it to you, it’d cost us (and you) much more as we are graphic designers, not an established print shop. This way you can choose where you want to print it and at whatever size you like. Keep reading below to see just how fast and easy it is to get the scene printed!

How Do I Get It Printed?


Printing nowadays is fast and easy. You can either do it online (recommended) or locally at any print shop like Walgreens or Walmart. The digital copy we send you is made specifically for printing and ready to go immediately! Just save it to your phone and upload it on the print website or give it to the print shop.


Who Do You Recommend?” – The best online print shop we have found so far is as their prints always turn out great. Using a low quality print shop can cause the colors in your finished canvas to look “off” or dark. You want them to look exactly like the scene you bought! However, it’s completely up to you to print it wherever you like. We don’t have a partnership with them.


How to Print Your Scene on

Step 1: Go to the Website

Step 2: Click “Wall Art” then “Canvas” or “Metal” Prints

Step 3: Create an Account to Upload Your Scene

Step 4: Upload the Scene We Sent You
Step 5: Choose the Size You Want & Pay


How to Print Your Scene Locally

Download the digital copy we sent you on your phone, computer or thumb drive.  Visit your local print shop and ask how they would like you to send them the file.  Most will let you email it or upload on their website.  Then just tell them what size you would like!

Thats it! It really is that simple to print your scene.

What Kind of Prints Can I Do?

Our customers have printed their digital taxidermy on all sorts of things! There are endless options online as well as at local print shops like Walgreens and Walmart. Here are some common prints we see from our clients:

Canvas & Metal Wall Art
Poster & Framed Prints
Fleece Photo Blankets & Pillows
Cups, Mugs & Yeti Tumblers
T-Shirts, Phone Cases & Desk Portraits
Mousepads, Calendars & Puzzles


Check out all of these options and more at online print shops like Shutterfly.

What Size & Materials Are Best?


Your digital copy will be sent at size 16×20 but is an extremely high resolution image that you can blow up much bigger than that.  The size and material you choose is all personal preference, but here are some options we like best.


Top Choice: Metal Photo Print

Best Canvas: Stretcher Framed 

Best Budget: Photo Prints


When printing, don’t select any of the “enhancement” features offered as your scene already comes with those applied.  Adding those again will throw off the color and lower the resolution.  Your finished scene from us is ready to print as is.

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